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02 A Child But Not


Unsteady footsteps in the hall

Tells a tale of what's to come

He hears his mother's voice

And someone new that she's brought home


In silence he closes the door

He hopes she thinks he is asleep

Or forgets he's even there at all

In his bed, hiding under the sheets


Tucking his head under his pillow

Desperately clamping his ears

Shutting out all the awful sounds

Yet another night spent in tears


When morning comes he has barely slept

But still he finds he wet his bed


A child but not, when the roles are reversed

HE lies and waits, SHE's late and HE fears the worst


Her own needs

Always first in line

Just a drink or two

And she'll feel just fine


When she sees him crying

There's a slight sense of guilt

But that is easily fixed,

Forgotten and killed


Unsteady footsteps in the hall

Tells a tale of what's to come

She hears her fathers voice

Shouting that he is home


But this time it is different

Her mother has had enough

With knife in hand she ends his life

The perpetual wheel of violence stops

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