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10 Abyss


Cold and dark, we sail in silence

In fear and hope combined

Far up above lies a threat

Their goal is our demise


We are now alone

Our friends are gone

Lost to the sea, never to be found

Caught by surprise, they stood no chance


In the blink of an eye it was over

My men are composed, they do make me proud

And that's why it cuts to know that they'll die

When I see the fear they hold in their heart

But somehow remain so sharp and alert


This time it's too much, we cannot escape

No need for deceit when we know it's too late

This war is not ours, but still we are here

For others we'll die, and no one will care


We sacrifice our lives

For those that are safe behind a desk

With their maps and toys

To them it's all a game


"Do or die, to disobey is treason

We're at war and so are you"


The hull is breached, I seal the hatch

Those on the other side already dead


As we sink, the sound of steel as it's folding in

We are too deep

To my surprise, a sense of calm

Instead of fear this close to the end


I'm now submerged, I cannot breathe

I fight the stabbing pain and then I leave

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