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09 Another Day In Paradise


I feel my pulse, the pain creating the beat

To a song that is stuck on repeat

Lost track of days when they evened the wall

Now I'm lost in a haze with no concept of time at all

My mind is a blur


Evil epitomized

Welcome to paradise


"Another one is dragged away to that special place

He knows what awaits but makes no attempt to resist

That would only make what is coming even worse

They are really good at making the pain persist

When the beaten returns, no one cares

They just sit there, backs to the wall


Their eyes fixed in a hollow stare

Bodies of bone with leathery skin

The will to fight disappears with the flesh

All that remains is for death to begin”


Humanity, these surroundings detracts

They can't all be bad in spite of their acts

Compassion is lost when they step through the door

Ferociously beating a helpless man on the floor

And I look away...


Evil epitomized

Welcome to paradise


Someone please, rescue me

Back to life, somewhere safe, set me free

I dream their death, I dream our revenge

Their very existence I will quench


Then it comes, the day of our dreams

The guards are killed, we can all hear the screams


But as it turns out, our saviours are not

Who we thought them to be

New terrors they brought

The line has been crossed, all hope is lost


Evil epitomized

Welcome to paradise

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