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Brandon Leigh Polaris (Voidspawn)


I'm Brandon, the main voice(s) you hear on this album. Your interest in reading this is highly appreciated!


My story began on the strangely precise date of January 1, 2010. After a couple months of obsessing over metal vocals and daily practice, my vocal chords clicked into the correct shape to perform distorted vocals safely. I continued honing this newly found skill, and days without screaming and growling became rare. After about a year I became inclined to further expand the spectrum of my art, and began practicing clean vocals along with various other mixed techniques.


Working on Shadows of Light has been an amazing experience to me. I truly lived and loved the music for months.

And I grew so much as a vocalist. Towards the end I became noticeably better adjusted to this new sound. This made it ultimately necessary to re-record entire vocal tracks we had finished earlier.

The lyrics became part of me, and I've dreamt about them on multiple occasions. It's a pretty bizarre sensation, having such an intimate relation with words someone else wrote. I thought I would be more distanced, but this turned out to be different.


I can now easily say that singing is the most important thing in my life, and I hope it shows in these recordings.

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