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06 Evil


Looking back I see it clearly

What I am and why they hate me so

No regard for human emotions

As I have none it is impossible to know


How to act and how to behave

To me, others are dolls in a play

No more important than the fallen leaves from a tree

They may look pretty but already in decay


I will certainly never change, this is who I am, this is me

I can't be fixed or healed or saved, this is all I'll ever be

I can learn to emulate, but never be taught how to feel

I will never know how to care, only what to disguise and conseal


I watch my plans for them unfold as I scheme and spread the lies

So predictable, the idiots I despise


Manipulation is my name, bending the truth to fit my needs

I have to fill the plate of victories of which my selfish ego feeds

I'll sacrifice a pawn or two, or any other piece I guess

The only one that matters is the king in this constant game of chess


It's time to step it up, new frontiers I will explore

This urge to cause somebody pain is getting too hard to ignore

What I need now is a plan, make sure nothing can go wrong

Maticoulously written down, my dedication is so strong


Focus is my name, the preparation is complete

My cup of satisfaction soon I will replete

There is no room for mistakes, so rehearsal is the key

I've prepared for this for years, a brutal killer I will be


In cold blood I get to work according to my plan

I have followed her for months, now I throw her in my van

I hear her muffled screams in the back as I drive on through the night

She can kick and scream all she wants

In fact I think I'll enjoy it more if she fights


Evil is my name, I get off on people's pain

I get a rush when I cause harm, when I'm done I'll do it all again

There is no hell, there's only this

I'll enjoy while it lasts, afterwards I'll reminisce


I am the one you should fear, and there's no saviour anywhere

To save your soul or set you free

The last thing you will see in life is... Me

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