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About Circle of Indifference

Things have changed quite a bit since the paragraphs below was written. Circle Of Indifference is now way closer to being a band than a one-man project. However, we are still not your average band. You see, we have never met. None of us have. We use the Internet as our sole means of communication, to share our thoughts, ideas and music. We record our separate tracks in our respective homes, and everything is put together at the end of the recording process.

COI is essentially a one-man metal project, with the exception of vocals and a handfull of solos. Thanks to the wonderful technology of today, it is possible to create recordings of more than acceptable quality in the comfort of your own home, with relatively low cost compared to the pro-studio requirement of the past. In addition, it completely removes distracting and stressful time constraints and monetary issues, as you have all the time in the world in the comfort of your own home. The only cost is the initial one, spending years on the recording process itself incurs no additional cost at all. Not including session musicians, obviously :)


Also, with the advances of the Internet and high speed access to it, you can not only reach out to fellow musicians in almost every corner of the world, you can create and record music together without ever having to meet in person. Not that I mind physical presence, but like renting a professional studio, time and money would be a big issue.


The people that contributed to this album have never met in person. I live in Sweden, Brandon in Belgium, Tyler in Canada, Aybars in Germany and Nikki in the USA. I think this is totally awesome! This album would have been difficult to create just a decade ago, and even further back, impossible.


Once the music is created and ready to be shared, once again technology comes to the rescue. With just a few clicks you can make it available to the entire planet, at little, or even no cost at all. How cool is that, that self-produced independent music can easily have listeners and fans in the most unpredictable of places! Some complain that it is more difficult to stand out these days, as the music easily drown in the white noise of the millions upon millions of songs that are out there. I do agree with that, that it is more difficult today to find those tracks that really make an impression on you, as in the past that initial narrow filtering was done exclusively by the record labels.


But I will gladly accept that extra work as a listener over having to solely rely on labels to make the correct choice for me, any day! As a hobby musician, even if you only reach through to a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of the world's population, you will still have touched thousands of people. And that possibility means everything to me. In most respects, things were NOT better in the past as far as I am concerned. I regularly find music that really moves me that would never have found it's way to my ears in the past, because no record label would have signed them. And most likely, you would not be reading this, or listening to my music either.


This is a very good time to be alive, people. Don't waste it!




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