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Reviews of Shadows Of Light

Please note that some of these has been translated by Google into english from various other languages, rendering them somewhat difficult to read.

I love the concept of this album. It’s essentially a one man band, but with a little help from around the world.The majority of the music is handled by the albums mastermind, Dagfinn Øvstrud. Who is from Norway, but lives in Sweden. The vocals are handled by Brandon Leigh Polaris, who is in Belgium, with a solitary offering from Nikki Monney on one track. She’s in the US. And there are smaller contributions from Tyler Teeple (Canada) and Aybars Altay (Germany).


And the bit of the concept I like, none of these people have ever met. It’s an album created via the internet.So after that build up, the album had better be worth it…..


Musically, the core of this album is Melodic Death. And even though the majority of the vocals are handled by one singer, I’m still reminded of the type of concept album created by Arjen Lucassen. It sounds nothing like an Ayreon album, it’s just the vibe I’m picking up on. Possibly because of the futuristic feel on some of the songs and some of the vocal variations.


And if you didn’t know any different, you’d say this album was created by a bunch of hairy Scandinavians, all in the same studio. It has a natural flow about it and Brandon’s vocals fit the music perfectly. And everything is enhanced by Tyler’s wonderful lead guitar work. Everything just fits together seamlessly.


When you read about Dagfinn (on his website) there’s something refreshingly honest about him. As with most albums, there’s been a lot of work put into creating this release. And I hope that all of the hard work is rewarded, both financially and critically.I’m going to show my appreciation by sending him some interview questions for my forthcoming Metal Legions magazine. This is an exceptionally good project that needs to be nourished.

Other work that if you don't get to touch the masterpiece there goes terribly close.

Circle Of Indifference are the creature of multi-instrumentalist Dagfinn Øvstrud was founded last year as a one man band although the Swedish musician is assisted in processing the disk from a handful of excellent specialists in the extreme scene.

Shadows Of Light is its resounding debut, along the beautiful Nightmare Years "of Maahlas, I was completely hooked so much extreme talent that comes out of the compositions of this work, with a melodic death metal to the nth degree; the whole is supported by an extraordinary songwriting without ending up too in the cauldron abused prog/death to Opeth, amazing rich compositional technique how to songs that define exciting is an understatement.

Nothing new, make someone, true, but here we are faced with an album so perfect, so well constructed that it is impossible not to remain fascinated: electric riding accompany electronic digressions, all Scandinavian metal passes through the grooves of this extraordinary work, where a production bombastica is merely the icing on a cake that will not be able to do at least to devour.

Edge Of Sanity and their guide Dan Swanö are more logical references for the solutions adopted in this work, without forgetting the Pain by Peter Tagtgren in electronic parts, and I said all ...

Add an innate melodic sense that even in the most violent parts makes the songs one nicer than the other, and the large disc is served on a silver platter by the Swedish chef, leaving the huge vocalist Brandon Leigh Polaris to accompany us throughout the album with its spectacular growls.

Everything is perfect, there is not a note out of place in the Shadows Of Light, and the music will thrill you without giving you time to recover from one song to the next, devastated by such talent to a metal service projecting.

Where comes into play a female vocals (Darkness) Circle Of Indifference and sverniciano in a row all symphonic metal band on the planet, without forgetting to give a ripassatina epic metal that here becomes furious, sprawling capital guerresca heroic music from all the pores ("Another Day In Paradise").

We are faced with an album that, were it not for the absolute blindness of mainstreem and many insiders, would full year-end charts in the extreme.

If good Dagfinn Øvstrud content, for sure won't fail in Iyezine...

Circle Of Indifference as a melodic death metal band from Norway. As I am reading through the bio I find that this band is pretty much one man with the help of a few people to help with certain instruments and some vocals. It is amazing how technology has allowed people to create music in their homes and then to be able to distribute it all over the world. It is amazing the things we can do today.


I am new to death metal and I am finding that there is some I like and some that I do not like. Circle Of Indifference is quickly finding a place in my playlist. The album Shadows of Light is a well written and a really well played album. The guitar parts are not the most technical and over ridden with a ton of solos, but I find that I really enjoy that when a band can grab the attention by just catching the groove and riding it. I mean the guitar is full of energy and seems to be just a simple riff but I have found what sounds to be a easy riff has so much more involved. The sound is not to over distorted and or overly programmed either.


The vocals are very controlled through the entire album and when it comes to some of these bands that self release you find that that is not the case for the most part. I think it comes down to taking the time and effort to really dig deep into the production and the mixing. With what I have heard here I can tell that a lot of time went into the production side of the album. It is for sure not a “let's recorded and send it out” kind of thing. I give Circle of Indifference a big hand in taking the time to make sure it was done right. I really like how the vocals don’t try to over do it and hold that tight scream with it still being clear. I love when a vocalist can pull it off that way and hold it and then go into the clear vocals and still hold your attention. 


The only thing about the album i found really out of place is the remix of the song “Shadows of Lights (Aybars Remix)". Not that it is bad but I just wonder why it is bands seem to want to do remix versions of a song that is already good as fuck. I will say, out of a lot of remixed songs I have heard I was not turned off by this one at all. I really kind of dug it. hahaha.

I tell you as a reader if you are into bands that are underground, this is a band that you want to check out and really take the time to listen to. I can not ask for a better sound from a band that is doing things on their own. The playing is amazing in every way. For the drums being programmed (starting to see that a lot) they sound very life like and full. I really hope that you look up this band and give them a chance to stick it deep into your ears, you will not be disappointed by any means.


And for all the reasons I have stated about this band I give this band 2 thumbs up and I would give more if I had more to give.. great job guys!

Sometimes I don’t mind throwing a bone to smaller bands, especially when they’re doing a great job as with this release. Circle Of Indifference is essentially a one man melodic death metal project that utilizes several session musicians and vocalists from across the globe.


Swedish mastermind Dagfinn Ovstrud is responsible for all of the drum programming, bass and keyboards featured on the disc; while Brandon Leigh Polaris (Voidspawn) recorded all of the vocal work from his home in Belgium. It’s comparable to the same process that we use in crafting Torii albums and it’s very efficient for musicians these days.


Additionally, Tyler Teeple provides the leads from his home in Canada and Aybars Altay provided the cover artwork and remixed one of the album’s tracks to follow near the end. Finally, Nikki Money provided vocals on “Darkness 5:05” from her home in the US. Now as for how it all stacks up, the result is surprisingly potent. Shadows Of Light is actually a strong debut effort and it shows the musicians playing well with each other despite their geographical differences, which truly shows that we all have something in common when it comes to making this kind of music, despite how far away we might be from each other. Tyler’s leads definitely make their mark on the release as Dagfinn’s bass crunches certainly add the right amount of groove to the mix, which makes most of the solos truly pop out. Tyler Teeple’s lead and solo work make up most of the high points on the record and there’s no doubt in my mind that he is an astounding fucking guitarist, as the album truly showcases. 


Shadows Of Light is truly brackish, as it fills with angrily pounding drums to back Brandon’s ravenous vocal elements and even some clean lines as featured on “Walk With Me 4:16” which additionally has a killer set of melodic leads and an amazing chorus that I’m actually kind of jealous of. The album stays in its own element, but definitely adds something extra to each of the songs, whether that be more of a groove metal approach or something more akin to brutal death, or even electronics, atmosphere or the use of female vocals. It’s definitely an experimental release and offers something that I like to hear every now and again as a breath of fresh air.


When you listen to as many albums as I have on a daily basis, it becomes increasingly easier to tell exactly who is going to stand out and Circle Of Indifference was once again; one of those discs that I knew I had to review. There’s just as much Scar Symmetry (minus the clean vocals) as there is Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, Soilwork and the others from that gamut. Additionally, you’ll also hear some Sybreed influence “Evil 6:42” which you could also lump in with The Project Hate. Shadows Of Light is truly a mixed bag with loads of promise and it proves the power of international file sharing in lieu of recording. The fact that one man can record his guitars, while another can record his bass and drums, while another can record his vocals and it can all be mixed together in the most professional manner possible truly shows the amazing might of technology. We’ve destroyed the entire idea of recording together in a studio, which I think makes it a bit easier and more focused; not to mention a bit more relaxing (even though it can still be quite taxing, the scars on my vocal chords can tell you that) than being all cramped together as in the early days. Fans of melodic death metal will definitely want to get their hands on this exquisite release, which probably got buried in the sea of other metal albums (as is usually the case). I wouldn’t be recommending it if I wasn’t so much a fan of melodic death metal, but many of you know that that is indeed not the case as it is definitely one of my personal favorite heavy metal subgenres.


It may not be as solo-riffic and melodic as some of the Touhou laden versions of the genre, but it’s really close and it captures the Swedish sound just as we’d expect to hear it. It’s much better than what some of the heavy hitters have already put out this year, so definitely give it a purchase and a spin.

Circle Of Indifference are the creature of multi-instrumentalist Dagfinn Òvstrud was founded last year as a one man band. The oddity of this one-man band is using sessions recruited around the world: Brandon Leigh Polaris from Belgium, Tyler Teepe from Canada, Nikki Monney (for eight-track) from the USA, and the remix by Ayrbars Altay to track twelve from Germany. The result is an explosive album and that could easily teach many bands "noble" as it should be a destination album! extreme. "Shadows Of Light" is an album is nothing short of sensational. both because it's a debut and both able-tà exhibited in thirteen tracks, for the truth nine real plus an intro, a remix and an outro.


It is clear the songwriting here is really beyond any wildest expectation. Great moments of aggression with melodies that exist, are present but not invasive, midtempo that anticipate a blastbeat of creating and slowed-increasing intensity of sound pathos. It is clear nothing that can be approached to prog death to Opeth or Obscura, but technique and launched on the staff feelings really galore continued and ongoing basis. The post production is then something is up-casting, all instruments are calibrated so dear and truly spectacular solutions. If I were to try at all costs to bring in existing say released as attitude we are close to bands like "Edge Of Sanity" and vaguely electronic parts the "Pain" of the first four works (the period between "Dancing with death" and "Pain").


What is most interesting about all this is that I'm approaching, but takes a his personal results and creates totally his sound and his personal mood. "Evil", "Darkness", "the child" but not "," Another day in paradise "," Push ", the title track" Shadow of light "and" This is not the end "are examples of what Dagfinn Ovstrud thought, compost and fat to play under the banner of" Circle of indifference ".Do yourself a favor, take it as soon as possible this album worth every single second of listening and the money spent to get copies. We are faced with an album that will surely be in my top ten of this 2014. Reccomend so massive, you want the extreme metal and played well? Want to buy-free material made with skill and ability to sell? You want to feel the music is as it should be? If these questions are answered, it is not important whether one or all three, you have to have this cd.

Circle Of Indifference are a 1 man band with some session musicians that plays a very melodic form of death metal and this is a review of his 2014 album "Shadows of Light" which was released by Records Of Indifference.


A very dark and distorted sound starts off the album along with some elements of electronic music and spoken word samples a few seconds later before adding in melodic guitar leads and after the intro the music goes into a melodic death metal direction along with some high pitched screams and deep growls. There is a good balance between slow, mid paced and fast parts throughout the recording as well as a good amount of blast beats and the solos and leads that are used are in a very melodic direction and also utilize a great amount of talent and skill and the songs that are present on the recording go for more of an early 90's style of Gothenburg melodic death metal while also mixing in a good amount of modern elements to update the musical genre.


Melodic clean singing can be heard in certain sections of the recording along with one of the later tracks bringing in female vocals, after being in a very heavy direction for the first couple of tracks the band starts adding clean playing into certain sections of the recording while the heavier parts also start getting more brutal as the album progresses and some of the later songs also shows the band bringing back the electronic music elements of the intro into a few parts of the recording as well as the addition of spoken word parts during one of the later tracks.


Circle Of Indifference plays a style that mixes both the modern day and old school melodic death metal genres together as well as adding in elements of electronic music to make the album have a more original sound, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover dark themes. In my opinion Circle Of Indifference are a very great sounding melodic death metal project and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this recording. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "A Child But Not" "Evil" "Darkness" and "Abyss". 8 out of 10.

And again we welcome a rookie. And that is to be the Swede Dagfinn Øvstrud and his Circle Of Indifference exactly that all that is anticipated takes care except the vocals (which he did in the past), but also get a little help of session musicians , particularly in the solo guitar. Usually it is true that in a one-man band is a clear division of qualities, who does not remember the drums ran off the track at classics of Bathory, but I must say that he has invested around a lot and hence a very fine death metal album delivers.

Unfortunately, he also took the mix and mastering for his account and although there are now easy ways to get home much in order, the disk as a whole lacks the quality of a professional studio recording. That said, there was also releases a lot worse come out of the studio roles. And it is only for demonstration purposes, perhaps a label will pick him up. Then live promotion becomes a problem. Anyway, the multi-instrumentalist clearly told to stand with a sense of tradition with two legs in the current music landscape. Especially not all the sounds by itself, but very entertaining.

Traditionally, Sweden is the place of Death and Black Metal. Actually, it is the birth-country of the most important bands in these kinds of music. Bands such as Bathory, Entombed, Marduk, Edge of Sanity, Unleashed and Dark Funeral have already written their history in golden pages of music. Except for these famous bands, there are so many others that follow, almost, the same paths that those bands traced so many years ago.


One of them is Circle of Indifference (COI), which is a one-man band, his really name is Dagfinn Øvstrud, and some days ago he releases his debut album, “Shadows of Light”. He is responsible for everything in this release except for vocals, guitar solos and some technical, mainly, characteristics in many parts. The guys that helped Dagfinn for this release was: Brandon Leigh Polaris (vocals), Tyler Teeple (lead guitar), Nikki Monney (vocals on “Darkness”) and Aybars Altay [additional instruments on “Shadows of Light (Aybars Remix)]. One of the most notable things of this release is the fact that the cooperation of all musicians was made via internet without meeting in person because they live in different countries (Sweden, Belgium, Canada, Germany and USA).


Ok, let’s see what this debut is! Intro is well-suited for an electronic album than in this release. Maybe, it’s a message for the future “using” of relative sounds in some songs such as “Shadows of Light”, “Evil” and so on. The overall release is mainly an old school death metal, especially in the section of sound and in instrument’s playing. There is a combination on death metal guitars with a lot of thrashing points and this mix is as good as it gets. But, in some parts, Dagfinn overdoes with this, so it’s too bored for the listener. Of course, there are a lot of classical death metal riffs but the problem here is that they offer nothing but typical rhythms. Solos are well-placed and in a good mood with the rest music, without “telling stories about “turkeys” and exotic places” (I hope anyone can understand this), but sometimes Tyler plays a Malmsteen’s style solos.

Vocals are furious, vocals are influenced from core-metal singers, but deep beneath anyone can recognise some characteristic of death metal growls and so on. Some clean vocals, which are existed almost everywhere in the release, give a differentiation to the overall sense of this album. Some small “paintings” of Mrs Nikki Monney, the female vocalist, fulfil the whole atmosphere of “Shadows of Light”, leading, in this specific part, in a gothic romance at the end, especially in the way she sings. Last but not least, drum programming is quite good, is quite powerful and is connected perfectly with the rest rhythms on guitars and bass.


The 59 minutes of “Shadows of Light” is so much time and maybe this is the reason why someone would get bored at the end of it. The sound and the instrument’s playing are quite the same with those of old bands such as Entombed, Edge of Sanity and Dismember. But, taking into consideration that this is the debut album of COI and the fact that Dagfinn is responsible almost for everything in this recording, we are so hopeful for a better future work.


RECOMMENDED SONGS: “Alone”, “Shadows of Light”, “Evil”, “Another Day in Paradise” and “Push”.

On September 29, he was released this "Shadows of Light" material debut with the Swedish Dagfinn Övstrud which aims to break into the metal scene. Circle Of Indifference As you can imagine, this is a solo project (One-Man Band), which takes as flag the death metal at its most melodic side in the style of several Swedish bands of the same court.


Throughout the album, the Swedish Dagfinn accompanied by several other three comrades who accompanied him only as session musicians. The album respects the heritage of other Swedish bands of the same court, accompanied by a well maintained and achieved production, where dedication is noted for standing gap in the sound, everything distinguishes perfectly, without going to extremes, or exaggeration at this point.


The expected characteristics for a disc that is made call "melodic death metal", are present on the album. The riffs are the best, sharp and sharp, with respective expected melodic riffs and flashes and of course very well made. As far as the vocals are concerned, we continue in the same expected tonic, tearing screams, mixed with the guttural tones, all well amalgamated. In general, without becoming a super unique and incredible drive and that sometimes might be too predictable, everything is very well done, with adequate production to the genre, which allows us to see everything perfectly and therefore earn much disk .


There's just something that if I did not quite jell to my taste, are those winks or details of sampled music, but the truth was more and that time takes away forcefully on those issues where they appear, and not to mention the parts of female voice, at least personally, I preferred to go to the next topic. Although not to exaggerate, I would love to mention.

Overall sensations that leaves me the album is good and is in the end a recommendable material if you're a melodic death metal and extreme metal Contemporary (from 2000 onwards) in general.

With such a name search you, of course. The Swede behind this band-Dagfinn Øvstrud-bringing for the first time a solo album and does its very best to not ending up with his melodeath in his own band name. Despite the help of many metal-buddies and the investment of many savings did not avail.Q

Yes, the guitar work is at times very tasty, in Swedish. Nice raggend with an irresistible melodic Göteborgvibe, even though that never quite played out as a trump card. Yes, only the monotonous grunt singing is more often annoying than that it catches your attention. Even worse is the drumming. Especially the hi-hat happen is far too messy and too emphatically in the mix is that it is often put, so very disturbing. Even the light-industrial title number will be overloaded with rikketikkend sounds.


Too bad, because a song like Walk With Me (or Alone) really has a lot of potential. However, if you have large users usually do not have time for or feel like it. Put here a Dan Dan Swanö on and you is immediately a lot better in terms of score. That is not the case, however, Light on Shadows Or, unfortunately, so therefore referred to a confrontational but encouraging score.

There are always possibilities to evolve within a genre, whatever the genre. There is always room to do something different, without implying fully away from the style that seeks to practice. Circle of Indifference is a full proof, while not great, without even being a revolutionary band. They merely show that there nomas at hand, there are elements that seem small, but that may be useful to give a twist to a style as Melodic Death, a subgenre that was dying from some time ago by because of the unnecessary hobby of most bands repeated ad nauseum.


Said band? Actually I should say one man band, as Circle of Indifference is Dagfinn Øvstrud responsible for all instruments, lyrics and composition in general, who has the support of Brandon L. Polaris on vocals, plus guest appearances Tyler Teeple, who takes over the lead guitar, and Nikky Money contributing his voice on the track 8. But the band itself, the spirit and cuyerpo, creative mind and the executing body, named after the man who appointed a few lines above. He (Dagfinn Øvstrud) is responsible for my measured praise, those born of the following: the guitar solos are neither mellow (ie, are not overly melodic), nor are vulgar displays of sterile talent, or are made by commitment (ie not occupy a vice in order to get alone for the sake of doing so) or sounding riffs copies of in Flames, at The Gates and Dark Tranquillity. Strange, but intelligently solos remind me of the tasteful whose melody Joe Satriani, contributing in this way, especially the first variants necessary and interesting.


In the compositional arguments arise also face new air, as Dagfinn wanders all variants that the genre allows, but indulging taking things from other gender and subgenres, inserting them in the right place, and hitting at various times. Songs like "Alone" which title track and "Evil" are those critical moments, where Swedish creativity emerges at its best, without glare, but making clear that theirs is serious, and that its talent is the key. There are some weak points, and have there why "Shadows of Light" is not a great album. The song features a guest Nikky Money ("Darkness") is the weakest of the album, and the song that follows, "Another Day in Paradise" has a pretty children's choir, besides failing in his attempt to be bombastic . But they are minor detail that does not tarnish the end result, which is largely favorable to Dagfinn and his first work under the name Circle Of Indifference. Not that you created the disk that will change the way I see (and hear) the style, but at least not fall into the trap of blatantly copying the style popes nor gambled tirelessly repeating the usual clichés of a genre it became a cliché in itself. Is not that praiseworthy?

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