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Welcome To War


This is the second album for my project called Circle Of Indifference. The music and lyrices are still written by me, but the biggest difference from last time is that I have now involved a drummer/keyboard player, who writes his own parts for the songs. This makes for a more interesting result in my opinion.


The theme of the album is WW2, and we get little glimpses into the lives of two soldiers on either side of the conflict, starting from their enlistment at the early stages up until they come face to face during a battle at the end.

Conscription lyrics

Einberufung (Conscription) lyrics

From This I Depart lyrics

Menschenmörder (Murderer Of Man) lyrics

Welcome To War lyrics

Kein Entkommen (No Escape) lyrics

Veil Of Despair lyrics

Ein Akt Der Güte (An Act Of Kindness) lyrics



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