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Shadows Of Light (Aybars Remix)

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Shadows Of Light


This is the debut album for my project called Circle Of Indifference. The music and lyrices are written by myself, and everything apart from vocals, a handfull of solos and a remix, is performed, recorded, mixed and mastered in my own home.


I am not the multitalented person I wish I'd been, so in order to make this album and everything around it as good as it was in my head, I needed help. This help makes up a large portion of my production costs, so if you can handle everything on your own it will be a lot cheaper. The list below details my expenses:


Music gear and software: €1300 / $1640

Artwork and session musicians: €1500 / $1892

Web hosting, digital distribution etc: €220 / $277

Countless hours of my own time: €0 / $0


Total: €3020 / $3809


Obviously this is quite a substantial amount of money, even if it's just a fraction of the cost compared to that of a professional studio release. The album is available on Spotify, iTunes etc, but since I neither do this for money or expect to make up for my production costs anyway I also have it available as a free download. This is my art, and I would rather have a thousand people download the album for free than ten people pay for it on iTunes. However, I am not rich, and any contribution towards covering my expenses would go along way to help me to release more music in the future. I have a family with two children, house mortgage, car and all the other expenses that comes with being a responsible adult, so there are limits to how much I can spend of my own money on Circle Of Indifference.


That is why I've decided that if you pay for the album on iTunes or donate when downloading from Bandcamp and let me know about it, you will get your name and other information that you may wish posted on a thank-you list on both this webpage and in the digital booklet on my next album :). And, the revenue vs. expenses ticker on the front page will look a little bit nicer thanks to you!


Either way, if you take the time to listen to my album, you have my eternal gratitude, and if you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to contact me.


I sincerely hope you like the fruit of our labour :)

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