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01 Conscription


"Fight, work or perish!"
Said a poster on the wall
"We're in need of [your] sevice
Join the forces, heed the call"

"The call to... Arms!"


"The nazi threat won't go away by itself
We must unite in this fight for our way of life
Our actions now will decide the fate of generations to come
Brittains future lies in our hands"


With anticipation I signed my name
Not a clue of what was to come
How could we take it so lightly
Somehow we thought it would be fun


I threw my things on a bed, took a look around
That cramped up spartan hut was to be my home for a while
Had a taste of food, received my uniforms
A barber shaved my head to a stub
"Welcome to war, lad" he said


Relentless drills, incessant pain
Neverending cold, darkness and rain
When reality hit, it came down hard
The brutal truth, "We're going off to war"


And off we go to war
To war...


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