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08 Ein Akt Der Güte (An Act Of Kindness)


Someone next to me just died
He's not the first of us to go
This war is turning into shit
We cannot win this and they know


I turn my head and I look down
See him staring at the sky
And then I realize that I'm
Standing next in line to die


I take his hand, wishing it was me
That this was over and I was free


I turn around and crawl away
Bullets flying overhead
I feel exchausted, need a rest
I stop and hide among the dead


Futility is sinking in
My entire life a waste
The ideals that I believed in
Are soon to be erased


I take their hands, wishing it was me
That this was over and I was free


I get back up again 
And start to move away
An exercise in pointlessness
So instead I choose to stay

As I rest against a wall 
I see an Englishman ahead
I thought that he would shoot me
But he sits down next to me instead


Despite what we have done
An act of kindness in our final hour
Surely more than we deserve
With our abuse of our country's power


He offers me a cigarette and looks down upon my vest
Very much to my surprise blood is running off my chest


I can't get back up again
I cannot move away
My wound is much too deep
So this is where I'll stay

As I rest against the wall
I take a breath and close my eyes
The brittish soldier takes my hand
I feel at peace it's time to die
It's time to die

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